Monday, March 24, 2008

Greatest Music Ever!

Ok, so you seriously need to check out this Chola's myspace because she has some serious talent. "If You Knew," is my new ringtone. Does it matter that she sounds like she's been sucking on helium??!! Hell naw!

A related question is why are all chola's called Traviesa? Or Sad Eyes? Just wondered.


Anonymous said...

Why is someone called "el shorty" ?

Cos they're short right?

Traviesa--- if you know spanish you know what that means.

and come on Sad eyes you don't get it?
bitch be sad a lot. Sad eyes may be listening to morrisey on the side.
just saying.

ShyGirl said...

Wow. How old is she, 42?

Loving the site. Wish it were still active.