Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm Going to Have a Hangover!

Tonight I went to a party that a friend of mine threw for her mom. It was an open bar. Never tell a Mexican you are having an open bar. We get two beers at a time, for reals!!!

So your Chola of the Day is Jennifer Lopez from one of her vids. Don't ask me which one, dammit! I'm buzzed.

Have a nice day. I think I will spend mine in bed.


$d said...

LMFAO! you ain't lying about the dangers of telling us about open bar. i will drink things i usually never drink if they're free. we can't turn away any booze. it's against our genetic makeup. get some menudo and have a beer. you know that's the cure.

Anonymous said...

This is from her video for the single, "Get Right," from the "Rebirth" album. That was a great dance track!