Monday, March 31, 2008


So I totally meant to do this yesterday, but the family came over and I got a bit distracted!

So Chola of the Day for Sunday is Art Laboe, host of the Killer Oldies show that plays on radio stations across the U.S. This guy is a hero to all the cholas, because he takes their requests and lets them do shout-outs to their vatos and assorted relatives in lock up. Why, just last night I heard a chola send love to her man in jail, and she told him a letter was on the way and to grub out because she put money on his books!!! It doesn't get any better than that!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I like your blog. I've been fascinated by chola fashion ever since high school when my friends and I were forever hunting the perfect brown lipstick :D

lil puppett said...

What's up with this site? No entries in a long time.

Art Laboe is cool, but he ain't Huggie Boy. That was the best show of all time in the '70's. For reals!